Glove Guide 5 of the best Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves

IMG_1766 Choosing the correct gloves for the correct surface or condition is so important. At this time of year when the ground is hard it becomes even more important.

Goalkeeper gloves are soft and delicate and wear to foam palms is far more predominate when training/playing in the summer months, using a glove with a hard ground latex or a graphite foam will help with the life span of the latex.

Softer the foam the latex will deteriorate more quickly, we always suggest to use a separate set of gloves for training and games as well as a hard ground glove for pre season and summer months.

Your training gloves always deteriorate faster and with many gloves made from a soft latex which is in constant contact with harsh hard ground surfaces these do start to wear rapidly, a hard ground latex will slow down this wear which is why we here at would recommend a pair of hard ground gloves.

3G/4G Pitches

More and more of us goalkeepers are playing on 3G and 4G surfaces, this surface is super harsh on soft latex so harsh that these surfaces  can start to deteriorate your new gloves from 1st use this is why a hard ground glove is a must constant contact with the hard harsh surface will wear gloves quickly.

In this feature we are going to take a close look at 5 of the best hard ground gloves on the market place to help you get longer life spans from your goalkeeper gloves

Sells Wrap Pro Terrain

Sells Hard ground goalkeeper gloves

Goalkeeper specialist Sells have it covered when it comes to hard ground gloves and also clothing. Pro Terrain from Sells is designed for use specifically in hard ground environments. 4mm Adhesion Ultra Robusto latex palm provides a sure grip whilst the laminated 5mm memory foam backer provides confident handling and shot-stopping impact absorption. These are true to size and fit really well, light weight and protective.

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Puma Evo Power Graphite Roll Finger

Puma Evo Power Goalkeeper Glove Feature

The Puma Evo Power Finger Protect goalkeeper gloves are a top level glove and feature a 4mm Graphite plus palm which combines improved grip and durability making this the ideal for both match and training. Graphite latex is made from a harder compound and can stand up well on harder surfaces. Whist these gloves do come up a little big for size the finger protection and roll finger design have kept the sizing true to size.

Reusch Serathor Rough Ground

Reusch hard ground goalie gloves

These really are a hard ground glove, best suited for use on 3g and 4g surfaces. The Reusch RG foam is very abrasion resistant and wears better than most on hard grounds. These gloves would not be the choice for every goalkeeper however they are great for new keepers and junior goalkeepers who play mostly on these harder surfaces.

Uhlsport Eliminator Soft Graphit

Uhlsport Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves

These are a great value hard ground goalkeepers glove, the Graphit latex from Uhlsport is very abrasion resistant and will stand up to harder surfaces, the foam is some what less softer than a super soft latex, the grip on these is not that of a soft foam however the life span of these gloves is far greater. A light weight glove at a price, EVA backhand and strap.

HO Extreme Pro Mega Roll


These gloves from HO Soccer are ideal for use during pre season. The latex used on these is a 4mm graphite extreme latex, the foam can be used in both dry and wet conditions, it’s soft enough for match play with the life span extended by the added Graphite to the foam. Big for size and come up ½ a size bigger than expected.

Sells Silhouette Pro Terrain


One of very few Negative hard ground gloves on the market place. If a negative cut is your chosen glove cut that the Sells Pro Terrain will be the perfect glove for you. True to size with a nice snug fit these Sells gloves boast an 4mm Adhesion Ultra Robusto latex palm provides a sure grip whilst the laminated 5mm memory foam backer provides confident handling and shot-stopping impact absorption.

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