Adidas release special edition PREDATOR PRO for Manuel Neuer

Adidas goalkeper glove feature
1st April 2019

With the season drawing to a close Adidas have launched a special edition glove for Manuel Neuer The Adidas Predator Pro are feature a negative cut as used by stopper and the gloves feature an all new latex.  These latest Adidas gloves are made for goalkeepers looking for supreme grip in all conditions, the latex is backed with cushioning for super-confident shot-stopping. The new Latex from Adidas. URG 2.0 is an unrivalled foam, the URG…


Glove Guide – KA Shocklok Goalkeeper Glove Series

KA Goalkeeper Gloves
21st October 2018

The KA Shocklok collection has expanded for 2019 with the introduction of new gloves. So what is Shocklock from KA? Shocklok gloves have a Finger Protection system that helps to protect the fingers from injury. Shoklock spines (4 removable) support the fingers from hyper extension injuries, developed in conjunction with the Shoklock palm cuts to create a secure fitting finger protection model. What’s the Latex Like? It’s great latex we…


Glove Guide 5 of the best Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves

25th July 2017

Choosing the correct gloves for the correct surface or condition is so important. At this time of year when the ground is hard it becomes even more important. Goalkeeper gloves are soft and delicate and wear to foam palms is far more predominate when training/playing in the summer months, using a glove with a hard ground latex or a graphite foam will help with the life span of the latex….


Precision Heat X-treme Goalkeeper Gloves Size Guide

Precision Glove guide
28th June 2017

The Precision Heat X-treme has been designed and developed with England Goalkeeper Tom Heaton. Tom’s new range “HEAT” has a high hit with the Goalkeepers Union. THE FIT The roll finger cut creates an incredible fit, the glove body fabric is lightweight which allows for ventilation and hand movement, Sizing is on par with the Schmeichology collection, a snug fit which fit’s the hands perfectly with no baggy palm or backhand, WORN IN…


Product Guide – A closer look at the new Aviata Goalkeeper Glove range

Aviata goalie glove feature
25th May 2017

By Martin Sanders USA Born Goalkeeper Glove Specialist Aviata Sports have launched a new collection of goalkeeper gloves and in this guide we are taking a closer look. Aviata Sports are a firm favourite with me, In this glove guide I am going to give you the low down on these latest gloves from Aviata. We have just taken stock of the Black Mamba 3D  Mamba Avalanche 3D and the standout Stretta Solar…


Feature and Guide – Nike Vapor grip 3 Goalkeeper Gloves

Nike Vapor Grip 3
12th April 2017

In this blog, Our owner and Goalkeeper Glove Guru Martin Sanders talks us through the Nike GK Vaopr Grip 3 including a sizing and fit advice. The Nike GK Vapor Grip Cut has been around for many years and is worn by many goalkeepers not just in the top leagues but also at grass roots football. I have always found the VG3 quite big for size, a size 8 Nike Premier…


Under Armour Desafio Premier Feature, First Impressions from our Glove Guru

18th January 2017

Our blog team met up with Owner and Goalkeeper Glove Guru Martin Sanders to talk about his first impressions on the all new Under Armour Goalkeeper Glove releases. “My first impression of the Under Amour gloves were wow these look different, I was excited to get my hands in these, up was the top of the range style, the gloves instantly feels like a premium, high-quality product. Once on the…


Adidas Ace Trans Fingertip – First Impressions and Size Guide

adidas feature
11th December 2016

The Adidas Ace Trans stands out as a distinctive and high quality product. We asked glove Guru Martin Sanders to give us his first thoughts on these stunning new gloves from the German brand. Many different materials go into making the Adidas Ace Trans Fingertip Gloves, it’s by far one of the most comfortable goalkeeper gloves from Adidas. During a short session with basic catching I was super impressed with the gripping, the wrap strap allows…