Reusch Pure Contact G3 Fusion Glove Showcase

The all new Reusch Pure Contact G3 Fusion Gloves are by far one of the most exciting releases of 2018.

The gloves feature the all new Reusch G3 Fusion latex which is completely renewed, thanks to the special adhesive additives and blue aqua latex inserts, it guarantees an excellent grip in dry and wet conditions. The Solid black latex inserts give remarkable durability qualities. The cushioning is also excellent.The FreeFlex back consisting of a single breathable neoprene element fits like a second skin to your hand.

Reusch Contact Fusion goalie gloves

Asymmetrical cuff

With Slip-on Cuff technology with strap closure for maximum comfort

Reusch Contact G3 Fusion goalkeeping gloves

The fit is simply stunning,

The all new evolution negative Cut is highly innovative, is a closer version of the Evolution Cut. The latex palm is completely rolled around the tip of the fingers ensuring a wider contact surface with the ball, while the seamless construction of the fingertip ensures a snug fit and better ball control.

Reusch Contact G3 Fusion Gloves

Reusch Pure Contact G3 Fusion Gloves

Reusch Pure Contact G3 Fusion Goalkeeper Glove



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